Introducing Jobvibe to your team

Before you  invite your team members we recommend letting your team know what Jobvibe is all about. 

Option 1: Present it to your team (recommended)

Here's our  Training Guide to help you introduce Jobvibe to your team in your team meeting. We recommend introducing it in person so you can answer any questions on the spot - we find this is the best way to get your team bought into the system.

Option 2: Send your team an email

If it's not possible to introduce Jobvibe in a team meeting, here's a draft email for you. We recommend attaching our Training Guide too.

Hi everyone,
Just a quick heads up that you'll soon be receiving an invitation to sign up to  Jobvibe. Before you get the invite I wanted to let you know what it's all about.
In short, Jobvibe is a web and mobile app to help all of us be happier and more productive at work. It has three main features:
  1. Buzz: Use Buzz to share your wins or give a team mate a shout out! It's really important that we celebrate all our little wins along the way and take time to say thanks to those around us.
  2. Fix: Use Fix to suggest how you think we can improve the way we're working together. No suggestion is too small, the whole point of Fix is to make iterative improvements each week that add up to big changes over time.
  3. Vibe: Each week you'll be prompted (via email or mobile notification) to check-in on how things are going when you're asked to Vibe - it literally takes about 30 sec. Vibe will also prompt you to share a Buzz or a Fix if you've got more to say.

And that's it! It's a really easy way for us to continuously improve the way we work together and keep up the good vibes. I've attached some training slides if you're keen to learn more.


[your name]

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