Reviewing your team's feedback

There are three areas to focus on when you're reviewing your team's feedback:

  1. Vibe Score
  2. Team Strengths & Weaknesses

You can view this data in the web app by navigating to  Vibe and selecting the team you lead. You'll be able to see data for the current week and all weeks that your team has been using Jobvibe. 

If you're using the  free version of Jobvibe, you'll only be able to see data for the previous 60 days. 

1. Vibe Score 

The Vibe Score is calculated by aggregating all of your team's responses to the Vibe question  How was your week? to give you a measure of how your team is feeling on a scale of -100 to 100. 

Use this guide to interpret your team's weekly score: 

  • 75 to 100: Great Vibe 
  • 50 to 74: Good Vibe 
  • 0 to 49: OK Vibe 
  • -1 to -49: Bad Vibe 
  • -50 to -100: Terrible Vibe 

As with any metric, every team's baseline score will be slightly different. Because of this, it's also important to look at whether your team's score is trending up or down, and by how many points. We will alert you to this change in your weekly Team Lead summary email. 

We recommend checking in on your team's Vibe Score each week and having a chat to your team if it falls below 0 or is trending down for two weeks or more. 

Over time, many leaders find it useful to track their team's Vibe Score trend against important events for the team and company. For example, after a big announcement or the introduction of a new initiative.  

2. Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths are calculated by aggregating your team's responses to the question  What went well?. Weaknesses are calculated by aggregating your team's responses to the question What didn't go so well?. They give you a quick indication of what the team has covered, and what you may need to work on improving. 

You can track how your team's strengths and weaknesses change over time by using the <  > arrows at the top of the Vibe Score graph to scroll through weeks. These factors will help contextualize the Vibe Score in any given week. You may notice the same factors as consistently coming up Weaknesses. In this case, we recommend having a chat with your team to understand more about this issue. 

3. Vibe Comments 

Comments are your team's detailed responses to the questions  What went well? and What didn't go so well?. Some team members may provide comments every week, others may only respond every so often when they have an important achievement or issue to share. Either way, it's important to respond to these comments promptly so that your team knows you're listening.

You can view your team's Vibe Comments by navigating to Vibe and selecting your team. Your team's comments on What went well? are also posted in Buzz and comments on What didn't go so well? are posted in Fix. 

There's more guidance on following up and talking through this feedback here

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