Acknowledging and discussing feedback

People love Jobvibe because it gives them an easy way to have their say and suggest how to make work better. But if your team start to sense that there’s no one on the other end listening, then it can feel a bit pointless. That's why acknowledging and discussing the feedback you get from your team is so important. 

Acknowledging Vibe Comments 

Vibe Comments usually relate to issues and achievements that are affecting your team right now. Because of this, it's important to show that you've heard what your team members are saying as soon as you can. There are a number of ways you can do this: 

  • Hit like on a Buzz or Fix post. Sometimes that's all you need to do to show that you're listening. 
  • Enter a comment below the Buzz or Fix post to give a short acknowledge; "Hey, thanks for raising. Leave it with me." 
  • Use comment to prompt for more information – don’t be afraid to ask a few questions to get the conversation going.
  • Use comment to suggest a one-on-one catch-up with the team member. 
  • Let the team member know in person that you've seen their feedback. 

By this point, other team members may have also liked or commented on the post. Then you can decide whether you need to discuss further either one-on-one or with the whole team, and either in the app or in person. 

Acknowledging the Vibe Score

You won't need to acknowledge or discuss the Vibe score with your team every week but we recommend bringing it up if the score falls below 0 or has been trending down for two weeks or more. 

Post a Buzz or raise it in your next team meeting. Open up discussion and ask your team if there are any related issues that they'd like to talk through and let them know that they can come and chat to you about anything whenever they need. 

Of course, it's also a great idea to celebrate and acknowledge a high or increasing Vibe Score. Post aBuzz or give your team a shout-out in the office. Don't let the moment pass. Ask your team what it is that's keeping them happy at this point – we believe it's just as important to learn from and celebrate the good times as it is to help improve the bad times. 

You can read more about the Vibe Score here

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