Responding to a low Vibe Score

You can view your team's Vibe Score at any time by navigating to Vibe in the web app or Insights in the mobile app. 

If your team's score falls below 10 or has been trending down for two weeks or more you may need to take some action. The trick is to first understand what's behind it so you can go on to solve it. 

Here are some tips to get you started: 

  • Look at the score context of recent events in the team or company. For example, a big announcement or the departure of a team member. 
  • Raise the Vibe Score in your next team meeting and open up discussion; ask the team if there's anything they'd like to talk through. 
  • Raise the Vibe Score in your one-on-ones; often the vibe in the team can be driven by many smaller factors affecting different people. 
  • Let your team know that they can come and chat to you about anything whenever they need. 

You can read more about the  Vibe Score here. 

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