Ensuring a high response rate

When it comes to getting feedback it's important that you hear from everyone in the team. 

Viewing your team's response rate

In the  web app, navigate to the Vibe tab and select your team. The response rate for that week will display on the right of the Vibe Score graph and you can use the <  > arrows at the top of the graph to scroll through previous weeks. 

In the mobile apps, tap Insights, select your team then tap the info button in the top right corner of the graph. 

We'll also give you an update every week in your Team Lead digest email.

Guidance on response rates

Of course, it's not always practical for every member of your team to record their Vibe every single week. Deadlines, vacations, and distractions can all get in the way. Because of this, it's a good idea to set a target of everyone giving feedback at least once a fortnight. 

If your team's response rate declines it can be tempting to give everyone a reminder each week. But more often than not, a fall in response rate means that your team members aren't seeing the point of giving their feedback. 

Let us explain: Jobvibe gives your team a platform to have their say and suggest how to make work better. If it feels like you're not listening to them or nothing's changing as a result, then you will see response rates drop off. Because of this, it's critical that you as the Team Lead show your team that you are listening to their feedback every week and that you take action when issues are raised. 

You can read more about acknowledging and discussing your team's feedback here

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