How to structure teams

Teams in Jobvibe are designed so that you can split users into their normal working groups. This article will give guidance on how to structure your teams in Jobvibe. 

How teams work: 

We've designed teams to be flexible so you can use them to fit the structure of your organization. Any team can have a parent team that sits above it and/or a descendant team that sits below it. 

So for example, Acme company have created a Jobvibe account. They have three departments: Product, Marketing, and Sales, and each of these departments has smaller sub-teams. It looks like this: 

  • Acme: 
    • Product:
      • Design 
      • Implementation 
    • Marketing: 
      • Digital Marketing 
      • Content 
      • Events & PR 
    • Sales:
      • Enterprise 
      • SME 

In this example, the Product team is a descendant of the Acme team and the parent of the Design and Implementation teams.  

Useful info about teams: 

  • You can create as many teams as you need. 
  • If you don't create any teams then we'll automatically assign everyone to your account team. 
  • We recommend a minimum of five Team Members per team  to protect users' anonymity. When you create a team, you will only see it appear in the app once the first three assigned Team Members have accepted their invite. 

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