Common questions on teams and permissions

Can an account have more than one Account Administrator assigned?
Yes. You can learn how to do this  here.  

Can a team have more than one Team Lead assigned?
Yes, while a user can only be the Team Lead for one team, a team can have multiple Team Leads. Learn how to manage these permissions here

I'm a Team Lead, should I also be a Team Member of the team I lead?
This depends on how many users and teams you have in your Jobvibe account. If you haven't split your account into teams and, then you will automatically be a both a Team Member and a Team Lead of the overall account team. 

If you have a more complex team structure then we recommend creating a separate team for Team Leads, for example, a  Management or Senior Leadership team. Using this approach you can both view and respond to your team's feedback, and work with your own peers to give and discuss feedback. You can read more about how teams are structured here. 

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