Using Fix

This article covers everything you need to know about using Fix to improve the way you work as a team. 


What is Fix?

Fix is the place to raise issues for the whole team to discuss and work together to solve. 

Anyone in the team can raise a fix, join the discussion or suggest a solution which means issues get resolved quicker. A fix can be big or small – it’s all about improving how you work together.

Raising a Fix

When you complete your weekly Vibe, depending on your answer to How's work going? we'll prompt the question What could we improve?, you'll then be able to raise a Fix at the end of your Vibe. All new Fixes posted by you or your team will feed the Open tab in the Fix feed. 

You can also raise a Fix at any time in any team you belong to or lead. You may be able to post to your whole company depending on your company  permissions

To change where you are posting, tap on the down arrow next to the team name. 

Responding to a Fix

Fix is designed so that your team can work together issues. It's not just for your manager; it's up to everyone in the team to pitch in. 

We'll let you know when one of your teammates has posted an issue in Fix. That's your cue to step-up. Maybe you have a killer tip that will help? Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? Share what you know and what you have learned to help your teammates. 

You can enable/disable your Fix posts email and push notifications in your notification settings

Edit, Archive, Delete a Fix

Any user can edit or delete their own Fix. Team Leads can delete any Fix posted to their team. 

In the  web app, select Edit or Delete at the top of the post. 

In the mobile app, tap on the three dots at the bottom of the Fix post.

Only Administrators or Team leads have the permission to archive Fixes, this feature is only available on the web app.

To archive a Fix, click on the dot icon located on the top right of each Fix post a drop-down menu will display with the option "Archive" click on it and the Fix post will then be removed from the Fix feed and move to the archive page. 

To unarchive a Fix, go to the Fix feed, click on "View Archive below the post input, when in the archive page, click on the dot icon on the top right of a fix post, a drop-down menu will display with the option "unarchive", by clicking it, the Fix post will move back to the Fix feed in the Open tab.

Own and Mark as Done a Fix

The Own it feature allows every user to take action towards making things happen. 

On every Fix post, you'll find a "Own it" button, when clicking it, it will duplicate the Fix post to your "Owned" tab.  

When your Fix has been resolved, you can then click on the "Mark as Done' button displayed on every Fix post in your Owned tab. The Fix will then be removed from your Owned tab and be moved to the Done tab. 

In the mobile app, you can only see what's in your Open | Owned | Done tabs.

When Marking as Done a Fix will notify the whole team so everyone always stays in the loop. 

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