Anonymity in Jobvibe

We believe that open and honest conversations are the starting point for building a happier, better performing team. Because of this, we encourage you to give open feedback whenever possible. But we also understand that being able to give anonymous feedback is important in particular situations. 

Anonymity settings in Jobvibe vary depending on where you are in the app:


Your response to the question How's work going? is anonymous, as are the factors you can tag in answer to the questions What's going well? and What could we improve? 

Fix and Buzz

When you post a Fix or Buzz, anything you share is open and not anonymous. This is important because if you don't put your name to feedback it can be very difficult to solve your issue. Or worse, it can create a negative environment where everyone is guessing who might have posted something negative but not put their name to it. The best teams tell it how it is, and that's why your Fix and Buzz posts are always shared openly.

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