Using Vibe

This article covers everything you need to know about the Vibe. 


What's the Vibe? 

The Vibe is your opportunity to give feedback to your team and your manager each week. Little bits of feedback may seem small at the time but they can lead to big changes in your team and across your whole company. 

Every week we ask you to rate How's work is going? on a 5-point scale from Terrible to Awesome. Based on your answer, we then ask you one of two follow-up questions,  What's going well? or What could we improve? You can respond by selecting from a list of factors that are customized based on your overall account preferences. 

Once you have submitted your Vibe you have the option to share a team win on  Buzz or suggest an improvement on Fix.

Your Vibe is anonymous and is aggregated with your teammates' answers to produce your team's  Vibe Score and top factors.  

Recording your Vibe

The Vibe is there for you to take a moment in your week to stop and check in. You can Vibe anytime by navigating to Vibe and hitting Vibe now in the web app. In the mobile app, select the Insights tab and tap Vibe in the top right corner. 

If you don’t get around to it, we'll send you a reminder at some point throughout the week to see how you are getting on. You can enable/disable those Prompt to Vibe in your notifications settings.

Commonly asked questions: 

Why is my Vibe reminder not on a Friday anymore? 
We want the Vibe to be a truly real-time tracker of team sentiment and to capture wins and improvements in the moment, so we have changed from sending prompts on a Friday to sending prompts at different times through the week. For example, one team member might Vibe on Tuesday one week and then Thursday another.
Can I set a regular Vibe prompt time?
No, not at the moment. We want the Vibe to represent the full spectrum of team sentiment throughout the week so we prompt people to respond at different times through the week in order to collect this range of data.  
What if I miss my Vibe prompt?
Don't worry, you can jump on a Vibe anytime you like – you don't need to wait for your prompt. Also if you happen to Vibe before your prompt in a particular week then we'll cancel your prompt for that week. 
Can I contribute to the Vibe more than once in a week?
You can Vibe as many times as you like in any given week but only your latest Vibe will count towards your team's overall Vibe Score and top factors. 

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