Creating teams

Account Administrator required 

You need to be an Account Administrator to create teams. If you haven't been assigned this permission, please get in touch with the person who looks after your Jobvibe account.

You can use Teams to split your users into their normal working groups. Teams can be as big as you like but must have a minimum of five people so that Vibe data is anonymous. 

To set up a new team:

In the web app, navigate to the  Teams tab and click Create a team. 
Give your team a name and upload an image for your team avatar.  
Select a Parent Team for your team. This is usually the department or wider group your team sits underneath. This might not be relevant for your team. In this case, we'll automatically assign the Account as your parent team. 
Hit save.

Once you have created your new Team, you can move existing users over or invite new users. You'll also need to assign a Team Lead. 

You can read more about how best to organise your Teams  here.

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