Roles and permissions in Jobvibe

There are three distinct roles in Jobvibe: 

1. Team Member

Every user in Jobvibe is a Team Member of one team. They will also be a member of any of their team's parent teams. 

So for example, Ravi is a member of the Digital Marketing team. Digital Marketing is part of the bigger Marketing team, which in turn is part of the Acme (whole company) team. In this example, Ravi's immediate team is Digital Marketing but he is also a member of the Marketing and Acme teams.

A user's Vibe response contributes to both their team's and any parent team's Vibe data. 

Team Members can take any of the following actions for their immediate team and any of that team's parent teams:

  • View Vibe data.
  • Share Buzz and Fix .
  • View, like and comment on Buzz or Fix. 
  • Close off or reopen Fixes.

In the app, settings prioritize a user's immediate team. So when a user posts a Vibe Comment it can only be shared with their immediate team. We've set it up this way because usually this feedback is most relevant for their direct teammates. In addition, when a user shares a Buzz or Fix, it will automatically be posted only to their immediate team unless they actively decide to share it with a wider group in one of their team's parent teams. 

2. Team Lead

Every team needs a Team Lead. The role of a Team Lead is to listen to feedback, acknowledge that feedback and guide the rest of the team to take action off the back of it. That might mean giving recognition to a team member for doing a great job on a piece of work, or working with the team to help solve an issue they're facing. 

A user can only be the Team Lead for one team but that team can be parent team. In this case, all of their permissions apply to that team and every other team that sits underneath it. 

For example, Sarah is the Team Lead for the Marketing team. Marketing has three teams that sit underneath it: Digital Marketing, Content, and Events & PR. So Sarah has Team Lead permissions for the Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content, and Events & PR teams. 

As well as all the permissions listed above for Team Members, Team Leads can also: 

  • Delete anyone's Buzz or Fixes.
  • Add, disable and re-enable users.
Note: Team Leads don't contribute to the Vibe results unless they are also a Team Member of the team. For guidance on how to structure your Teams, have a read  here

3. Account Administrator

Account Administrators have Team Lead permissions for every team in their account. Plus a few extra magical powers, which can come in handy.

  • Assign any user Team Lead or Account Administrator permission. 
  • Move a user from one team to another. 
  • Create and disable teams. 
  • Update account and billing information. 

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